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EMED Group launched to provide care services

The UK’s leading healthcare and specialist transport providers have rebranded with a Group structure following on from their merger on 1st February. ERS and E-zec Medical will now be known as EMED Group and will provide specific care services to communities across the country.

The ERS and E-zec brands had a strong market presence and both businesses have achieved a huge amount over the last few years. The new Group brand represents the significance of the merger and the opportunities it offers to our patients, communities and clients.

The reality of combining both businesses is having best-in-class processes and services that both, E-zec and ERS bring to the mix.

Both businesses share the same ambition – to support those in our communities who need our specialist help, whether it is transporting patients to vital hospital appointments, supporting patient flow within Acute hospitals or facilitating the transfer of pathology samples.

The platform of EMED Group is another milestone in our ambitions to proactively improve the health of our communities through health and care services.

We’re currently working on our new website. In the meantime, you can view more about us on either of the two websites of our legacy brands.

Our Services

We will provide specific care services to communities across the country, namely:

EMED Patient Care
Focusing on non-emergency patient transport services (NEPTS) services
EMED Community Care
Focusing on community and local authority support
EMED Safe Care
Focusing on supporting mental health and secure patient transport services
EMED Courier Services
Focusing on pathology, medical courier and in-home diagnostic support


EMED Group is the largest health and care partner to the NHS with more than 2,500 colleagues across 50 depots.

Our ambition is to further improve the health and wellbeing of communities by providing patient transport, community transport initiatives, secure mental health transport and medical courier services.

Join us at EMED Group and make a real difference to our communities.

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We have 2500 colleagues including crews and drivers, a fleet of over 1000 vehicles and national coverage across 50 operational depots. Drop us a line if you’d like to find out how we can provide care services in your region.

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